Karen Splinter Groups Increase Attacks on KNLA They fight for what ? 相煎何太急? Karen Splinter Groups Increase Attacks on KNLABy Shah PaungApril 27, 2007 The Democratic K 酒店兼職aren Buddhist Army launched a mortar attack on a Karen National Liberation Army camp in the Kyauk Ket area Thursday n 商務中心ight, according to a KNLA official. Recent clashes have killed at least four DKBA soldiers and wounded seven others since Monday. T 室內裝潢he Thursday mortal attack took place in the Karen National Union Brigade 6 area, located opposite Phop Phra District of Tak Province in Thailand. 訂做禮服 More than 200 villagers reportedly have fled the recent fighting, unable to return home. The DKBA is a splinter group of the KNU. So far, no KNLA causalities ha 土地買賣ve been reported. KNLA Since early March, DKBA battalions with the support of Burmese troops have overrun at least five KNLA-controlled areas of the 7th Brigade near the border wit 關鍵字廣告h Thailand The southeast commander of the Burmese military government ordered the DKBA and Burmese troops to seize the KNU 7th Brigade area opposite Mae Hon Song Province in Thailand, KNLA sourc 西裝es said. DKBA “The information we have is that they plan to seize our strategic military base within this week, and they've sent more troops into the Brigade 7 area,” the KNLA official said. “But they h 酒店工作ad not attacked the area until today.” According to a Free Burma Rangers report last Friday, more than 130 Burmese families have been displaced by the most recent fighting. Burmese refugees in Mae La, located about 30 km fro 裝潢m Mae Sot, and Mae La Oon, located opposite the KNLA 7th Brigade in Mae Hong Son province in Thailand, are living in fear of possible attacks by DKBA troops, according to refugee camp officials.http://www.irrawaddy.org/aviewer.asp?a=7008&z=163 買屋  .
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